Payment Tracking


Payment by Wire Transfer / EFT : For the payments you have made using wire transfer and eft method on the site, the information e-mail of your payment is sent to us instantly.

After this stage, our team will contact you and request the information receipt of your transfer and / or EFT, or you can send the information receipt to or after your payment. After these processes, our team will initiate the product delivery details. 

Credit card gives you the opportunity to shop securely with Visa and Master Card over 128 Bit SSL .

Installment Credit Cards
According to our agreements with banks; With credit cards, you can shop in installments from 2 months to 9 months.

Credit Card Provisioning Failures
During your order, your credit card may not be approved for different reasons:
Among these reasons, the main ones are;

  1. Insufficient available limit of your credit card,
    2. Entering the card number incorrectly,
    3. The expiration date of your card has passed,
    4. If the card you use is an additional card, it has been canceled by the main card holder,
    5. Temporary connection problems during the approval process,
    6. You try to reuse a card that you reported lost,
    7. The card you are trying to use must be an ATM card, not a credit card.

To get help with your credit card approval problems, you need to contact the bank where you bought the card.