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Bamboo Pulley 8mm

Bamboo Pulley 8mm

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Single and six prices for 11 different sizes.

10cm - 13cm -15cm - 18cm - 20cm - 24cm - 26cm - 30cm - 33cm - 36cm - 40cm .

100% brand new!

This hoop is designed for jewelry and/or craft purposes and cannot be used as a continuous embroidery hoop.

It is a great invention in ancient China and has been used for millennia, especially for royal or imperial costumes.

Keep fabric taut for cross stitch and embroidery projects.

Practical, simple but useful.

Different sizes, suitable for different sizes of embroidered clothes.

Great for working all kinds of crafts, from needle arts to fabric painting.

Place your embroidery fabric or eamin in the hoop, add a chain for a very unique necklace or a back pin for a cute brooch.

Material: Natural bamboo, metal

Color: wood


1. The lengths of the pulleys have a margin of deviation of a few mm.

2. Each one is made of Chinese natural bamboo, albeit carefully polished. Natural products may also have minor imperfections.

3. After use, be wary of small bamboo splinters, do not let them hurt your finger, check and remove them in time.

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