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Number 5 Handle Eyelet Pattern. ( "Self-cut eyelet" nailing pattern)

Number 5 Handle Eyelet Pattern. ( "Self-cut eyelet" nailing pattern)

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It consists of two parts. It holds the eyelet due to its upper part structure. It speeds up your business. You can easily place your eyelets in the mold thanks to the spring-loaded mold opening on the Upper Mold part.

Self-cutting eyelet fastening dies are made of high quality material and are long-lasting and durable.

After placing your eyelets, you can easily apply them to your material. Cutting takes place in terms of the shape of the eyelets, not the molds.

What is said to be self-cutting is not a mold but an eyelet. Thanks to the sharpness of the foot part of the capsule part of the bird's eye, it cuts fabric, leather, vinylex, etc. during application.

Attention: If the product you are going to apply is too hard or thick, you may not be able to cut.

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