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Sewing Needle Set - Sewing Needle Set of 7 needles

Sewing Needle Set - Sewing Needle Set of 7 needles

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Type: Household Sewing Needle

Material: Stainless Steel

silver color


Glove needle: 51mm
Carpet needle: 45mm
Sail needle: 58mm
Flat lay needle: 89mm
sack needle: 75mm
Cured bed needle 1:49 mm (end to end distance)
Cured bed needle 2:32 mm (end-to-end distance)

There are seven types of sewing needles, you can use it to anything you need.

Wide range of uses:
You can sew leather, canvas, blankets, canvas and even thicker fabrics.

It can also be used for bags, car seats, sofas, furniture, baskets, etc. you can repair it.

Package Included
1 x CARPET Needle (needle for sewing heavy and thick fabric) 45mm

1 x Glove needle (for sewing leather and fur needle for 51mm

1 x Sack needle (sewing sacks, bags and hampers) 75mm

1 x Triangle point needle (needle for sewing on canvas and blinds) 58mm

1 x Flat Upholstery needle (needle for repair chairs, sofas, car seat ) 89mm

1 x Inclined Bed needle (needle for sewing upholstery and mattress)

1 x Inclined Bed needle (small)

Please be careful when removing and using sharp needles.

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