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Cutting Mat - Cutting Mat - Cutting Table (A2) (60cm by 45cm wide)

Cutting Mat - Cutting Mat - Cutting Table (A2) (60cm by 45cm wide)

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A2 PVC cutting Mat - Self-healing, self-healing cutting mat.

Pad Patchwork Cut Pad, Patchwork tools

DIY tool cutting board


PVC cutting mat protects your table from scratches and glue.

It can effectively extend the life of your knife that does not contact the hard surface of the table

It is scaled.
The clear scale design makes it easy for users to cut straight line directly without the help of ruler.

Double-sided design, you can use it as. One surface is scaled and the other is flat.
5th floor
The cutting mat consists of one green layer, two gray layers, one white core and one white layer, it has durable construction and long service life.
Scope of application
The cutting mat is widely suitable for cutting paper, wood, rubber and so on,

Perfect for DIY craft use.

Use it by placing it on a flat surface.

Avoid high temperature or direct sunlight

Do not use chemical solvents for cleaning.
If it is deformed, gently heat the entire cutting board and set it on a flat surface to cool.

Product: cutting mat
Quantity: 1 piece
Material: PVC
Color: green

Size: A2 (60*45cm)

Size: A3 (45*30cm)

Size: A4 (30*22cm)

1 * cutting mat

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