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Cloth Cover Button Maker Set - (24 Sizes) 100 pcs Buttons and Patterns (15mm)

Cloth Cover Button Maker Set - (24 Sizes) 100 pcs Buttons and Patterns (15mm)

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15 mm (24 Length) Fabric Covered Button

This set consists of 100 sets of 15mm (24 sizes) buttons and button molds.
It consists of an aluminum top and a black plastic bottom part suitable for fabric covering.
The materials are stainless.

You will need a hammer to cover the buttons with fabric with your pattern.

To determine what length of fabric to cut, you can draw your fabric around the aluminum piece with a line pen, line stone or soap.
Then cut your fabrics 2mm outside of the circle you have drawn.

A few suggestions:

  1. Do not choose very thick fabrics.
  2. Do not cut the fabrics you cut for buttons too big or small.
  3. The interlining that you will put under thin or slippery fabrics can make your job easier.
  4. If your button comes off, hit a little harder with the hammer. If the button is deformed or broken, hit it lightly. You may need to do a few tries.

If you ask which button is for what;

Although the use of buttons is up to the individual, there are generally accepted sizes and places of use. The following information has been written in general to give you an idea.

14" 16" 18" size buttons on shirts, blouses and children's clothes,

In 20" size shirts and blouses,

24" and 28" length skirt, trousers and jacket sleeves,

In front of 32" and 36" suits and jackets,

40" tall and above are mostly preferred in trench coats, coats and coats.

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