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MANUAL IMPACT PRESS (Impact Force: 1,300 Kg/cm2)

MANUAL IMPACT PRESS (Impact Force: 1,300 Kg/cm2)

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Advertisers, sign makers, posters, eyelets, textiles eyelets, rivets, button coverings, hooks, snap rivets, drop, click It, etc. in your works, in the electrical and electronic assembly in the industry, in the assembly of doors and windows; aluminum, louver, packaging etc. in your works, in traffic plate registration; marking etc. in your works; It is used in automotive and printing, punching, punching, hemming, fastening, cosmetics and toy assembly.
You can use it by changing molds in all your works with a single machine.
All mechanical parts are durable and heat treated.

Press, snap machine, arm press, bird eye press, press machine, click machine, punching press, bending press, assembly press,

Impact Force: 1,300 Kg/cm² (adjustable by changing the spring.)
Mapa Hole : ¼
Column Diameter : Ø 36 mm
Preferably, Pliers can be used. Ø 9mm
Table Fixing Dimensions: 160x160 mm
Т Channels: 8 (12h.Din 650)
Box Dimensions: 53 x 33 x 22 cm
Weight: 19.50 Kg

Usage Areas
one- In the apparel industry, jeans button, rivet, snap fastener
2- Fastening hooks and eyelets in the shoe and slipper industry
3- In the electrical and electronics industry
4- It is used in seal works in drivers and tradesmen's rooms, in all kinds of industries that require impact.
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