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PEVEA Flower (Polymer) Glue 500 gr - PVA Flower Glue

PEVEA Flower (Polymer) Glue 500 gr - PVA Flower Glue

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Flower (polymer) Glue 500 gr It can be used safely in all kinds of flower making and hobby works. Water-based, odorless glue that becomes transparent when dried.

It can be thinned with water.

What is Ceramic Compound? Ceramic paste is obtained with a mixture of flower glue, flour, starch and glycerin oil. Flower arrangements, panel and plate decorations, various decorative ornaments, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, key chains, home and clothing decorations can be made with ceramic paste. Permanent works can be done and it is also advantageous that the environment is cleaned with water.

Fabric flower making techniques are applied in the production of ceramic flower.

The dough prepared with Pevea Flower glue can be rolled out as thin as the fabric and the desired shape can be easily given.

If Pevea Flower glue is used, break-resistant, flexible, 3D products that can be used with any kind of paint can be made.

How to Make Cold Porcelain or Artificial Flower Dough?

Used materials

1. 250 ml of cornstarch (glass of water: 240 ml)

2. 250 ml pva flower glue (transparent)

3. 2 tablespoons (tablespoon: 15 ml) Lemon juice or vinegar

4. 2 tablespoons baby oil or glycerin

5. It enters the microwave oven 8-9 times for 15 seconds and is mixed each time it comes out. It is the situation of bursting the starch and slowly evaporating the water. If there is no microwave, 60-70 C slow heating gives similar results.

6. It is rested for 24 hours.

7-The resulting product must be varnished.

It can be water-based or solvent-based varnish. It can be colored with food coloring.

2. The recipe is floury with very little starch, it needs to be cooked. In addition, you should not add paint, as they will be painted after drying.

Like acrylic hobby paints:

1 cup of PVA flower glue

1 glass of flour

a few drops of oil

Wheat starch

While kneading the dough (a total of 1 cup of wheat starch), we add the starch to the dough by sprinkling it on the marble...(we don't put starch directly into it...just sprinkle it on the bottom while kneading.) The dough gets loose from time to time while using our dough, then just a little flour-much less starch We knead it again by adding it.. We do this constantly as the dough gets loose.. Sprinkle the starch only on the marble from which we will knead the dough. Never add directly to the dough.

Note: It is an advisory guideline that we created with our customer experience. It is a starting formula, you will get the best results by trying.

For Knitting Basket (100% Cotton Rope 100 gr) Add 1 Cup of Flower Glue to 1 Cup of Water and mix well. Dip the knit in the glue in the consistency of buttermilk, after absorbing it well, squeeze the excess glue and take it into its own container. Transfer it to the surface you want to mold.

For a more pleasant appearance, fix it with a needle from the ends. The stretch nylon helps to remove from the mold later and not to mix the color.

It should dry for at least 1 day. It is possible to make it harder by adding less water.

Gross: 500 gr. Contains glue.

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